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If you’re a proud pet parent who appreciates the finer things in life and desires nothing but the best for your furry friend, you’ve come to the right place.

At Pets Great and Small, we understand that your time is valuable, and your dog’s training needs must be met with precision and sophistication. That’s why we have expertise and unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional results.

Claire possesses extensive experience in working with affluent clientele and their canine companions, making her well-versed in addressing the unique challenges that come with your lifestyle.

We take great pride in our rewards-based approach to dog training, as it aligns perfectly with the high standards you hold for your dog’s well-being. Our methods prioritise positive reinforcement, ensuring that each training session is a joyful and enriching experience for your dog.

Through our expert guidance, your canine companion will not only learn essential obedience skills but will also develop confidence, social grace, and an unwavering bond with you. As a client of Pets Great and Small, you can expect nothing less than a tailored training program meticulously crafted to suit your dog’s individual needs and your specific goals.

Claire will work closely with you to understand your lifestyle, preferences, and aspirations for your dog’s behaviour. Whether it’s refining obedience commands, addressing behaviour challenges, or preparing your canine for competitive endeavours, we have the expertise to deliver outstanding results. But we don’t stop there.

At Pets Great and Small, we understand that the luxury experience extends beyond training sessions. We believe that every aspect of your journey with us should be impeccable, from the moment you sign up to training to the day you proudly showcase your dog’s newfound skills.

Join the elite ranks of dog owners who have witnessed the transformative power of our training programs. Experience the joy of a well-behaved, confident, and harmonious canine companion that reflects your refined tastes and unwavering commitment to excellence. Get in touch with Pets Great and Small today, and let us embark on this rewarding journey together, raising the bar for dog training to unparalleled heights. Remember, at Pets Great and Small, we make exceptional dogs, tailored exclusively for exceptional people.

Dog Training in Reading and surrounding areas of Berkshire - LOvely Fox red Labrador Adolescent dog trained by Petsgreata nd small as a puppy

Claire is hands down the best trainer in this area, for both the dog and the owner!

Having experienced and worked with many trainers in the past, I can’t recommend Claire more highly.

Her knowledge, positive attitude, genuine care, patience and way with dogs is amazing.

For both puppies and older dogs. I learnt so much with my puppy, and having recommended Claire to others and seeing the success and happiness she brings to them,

I felt like I needed to write my first online review. She really does deserve it and if you are on the fence deciding if you are going to ask Claire to help you, do it, as it will be the best investment for both you and your dog. Thank you Claire!

Rosanagh Robertson

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