121 Training

121 6 week course £300

We offer our Pro puppy and Good dog Courses on a 121 basis. These are the same content as group classes just on a 121 basis so you get the trainer all to yourself for 1 hour per week.

121 Bespoke Training £75 perhr

First session is 2 hours to get the background of you and your dog, then prioritise training and issue homework.

Every consequent session is 1 hour unless otherwise requested.

121 Snuffle Walking £25 per hr

This is a great solution for Reactive and/ or nervous dogs. It develops confidence and tires them out by using scent games for them to investigate their environment.

We can’t rate Claire at Pets Great & Small enough! She has been amazing with her knowledge and advice. She helped us before we got our puppy and has been on hand since then! Her understanding of dogs is amazing and she is very professional at all times. I would recommend her 100%.

Sarah Limbrick

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