Puppy Socialisation!

Puppy socialisation is such a large topic and I see so many puppy owners who have a preconceived idea that puppy socialisation is all about allowing their beautiful pups play with other puppies and dogs. Unfortunately, unless play is supervised and managed correctly, it can lead to some pups becoming over zealous in their play and others becoming scared stiff of other dogs.

Puppy socialisation should start at the breeder. The mark of a good breeder is that they will have exposed their litter to different types of people, objects, sounds and environments.

Of course, the last year has been extremely tough considering the Covid-19 pandemic and we do have a lot of puppies who are under socialised, so when you pick your puppy up between 8 – 12 weeks you are already at a disadvantage.

Do not despair. There is a lot that you can do in the first few days and weeks that you have your puppy to help. If you miss the sensitive period which is up to 12 weeks you will need to work harder but I am sure if you have bought a puppy you are ready to work hard to ensure they turn out confident, happy dogs.

So what can you do to help your puppy?

Actually there is quite a lot that you can do, joining our Social Snuffles will help encourage your puppy to work calmly around other puppies. I have also created a puppy socialisation worksheet and pdf that will support your socialisation journey. If you would like a copy or have questions that you would like to ask me please complete the form below:

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