Pets Great and Small was set up in January 2016.  I became a dog trainer because my daughter was bitten by a dog on the neck when she was 4 years old and I wanted to ensure that children were safe around dogs.

When I initially had my eldest dog I tried to train him on my own and there werent the resources there are these days online. I also tried to attend lessons but felt inferior as I didnt understand the jargon that the trainers used and was laughed at for not knowing what a hand touch was.

I eventually came across a local business that were amazing people and the dogs they were training were great too. I ended up volunteering as an assistant in their puppy classes and became a certified Puppy School trainer.

Fast forward to today, I strongly believe all dogs can be trained without the need for fear or pain and use reward based training techniques that are based on markers, toys and/or food. My methods are kept up to date through continual professional development with the School of Canine Science and we also study behaviour with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.

To ensure I can cover a wide range of subjects and my Clients receive effective, non-biased training, I also often invite Guest trainers to facilitate sessions on my behalf.

I train in the Berkshire area and my online presence means I can offer services nationwide.

Claire Hordle is from a business consulting background specialising in change management and human behaviour which really enhances the training she can provide owners.  Claire believes in the science of dog training and emphasises the importance of the relationship between dog and owner.  Claire studies with the School of Canine Science, IMDT and specialises in pet dog training enabling owners to develop their dog’s life skills from pup to mature dog. She is mum to Isabel and 4 Lurchers Bolt, Maisie, Not Enough Dogs(NED) and Poppy. 

What People Say

A genuine and friendly trainer! Perfect!.

Donna Byatt

Claire has been absolutely fantastic with my 10 month old pup Alfie and me! She’s been to see us a couple of times to help with his attention seeking behaviour, and within just 2 weeks he is now much calmer, well behaved, happy, and his self control has grown tenfold! I’m much more relaxed and happy now too, with Alfie and I now a great team who enjoy each other’s company. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Claire, I would highly recommend her to everyone – she has made a huge difference to our lives! Thank you Claire!!!

Judith and Alfie

Can’t rate Claire at Pets Great & Small highly enough! Her all round skill set with handling the animals is superb!! Professional yet friendly and effective.

Clair Ramshaw

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