Puppy Socialisation!

Puppy socialisation is such a large topic and I see so many puppy owners who have a preconceived idea that puppy socialisation is all about allowing their beautiful pups play with other puppies and dogs. Unfortunately, unless play is supervised and managed correctly, it can lead to some pups becoming over zealous in their playContinue reading “Puppy Socialisation!”

What do I bring to classes?

I often get asked what people should bring to classes so I thought I would post here a general post for the classes that I run what you should bring each week: Equipment for the Dog Water The most important item to bring from home is water. You can get a variety of water carriersContinue reading “What do I bring to classes?”

Dog’s Separation Anxiety Resolution

How to practically manage a dog with separation anxiety. What steps to take and how to manage the situation

My reason for having a Blog

Hi and welcome to my new blog. I thought long and hard about this as I was unsure anyone would want to read about the daily highs and lows I have training my hounds, especially as I am helping so many people train their dogs. However, I suddenly realised that actually it is not aContinue reading “My reason for having a Blog”