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This is the picture that created my logo – My dogs and a friends having a lovely walk. All to often people need help with their dogs and a reliable person to walk them or train them

Does your dog need to burn off more energy or break up their day whilst you are at work?

Dog Walk the Pets Great and Small way

Dog walking should be fun. Dogs should feel tired and placated after a walk. I believe in dog focussed walks where dogs are allowed to explore their environments and snuffle for scents picking up their “p-mail”. This has been proven to mentally stimulate a dog and tire them to an extent that they will be satiated for the rest of the day.

The majority of the time I will only walk dogs 121, however, some of my clients have requested that their dogs meet other dogs for socialisation and if that is the case I will design our walks around their requirements. They get to meet Bolt and Poppy who are both well socialised as well as other handpicked dogs, however, I will never walk any more than 4 dogs to 1 dog walker. These walks are always conducted in places where we are unlikely to meet other dogs and the dogs are supervised to ensure that play is mutual.

Clients are encouraged to buy walking packages of multiple walks and are able to schedule these walks dependant on my availability.

Adhoc walks – £25 per hour

10 Walks – £225

20 Walks – £400

What Claire has done with our 20 month Labrador Max is nothing short of a miracle. We had issues with him pulling on the lead, recall with other dogs around and jumping up at the door. In just a couple of months he’s impeccably behaved and a treat to walk. Every time Max goes on an adventure with Claire, we get videos of him having fun and playing in the field. On a personal note, my family suffered a very serious medical emergency where we needed to spend weeks with our son in hospital. Claire was beyond amazing, taking Max out every day and checking in on us. We genuinely don’t know what we would have done without her.

Jacob and Max

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