Dog Adventures

If you are out working who is providing care and taking your dog on an adventure?

Let us walk and care for your beloved pet

Have peace of mind that your dog is out having fun with one of our Dog Carers

Every walk is different and we provide packages that will meet every budget

Dog walking is on a 121 basis so the dog receives our full attention. We are able to accommodate multidog households and will walk in groups on request.

Dogs are never allowed off lead unless they have been walked by us on several occasions and we have agreed in writing with you that you are happy for them to have their freedom.

We can walk in freedom fields at your request and you would pay for the freedom field booking or we would invoice you for it unless we had a preagreed arrangement.

We offer adhoc walks at £20 per walk and if you book 3 walks a week on a subscription basis this price goes down to £15 a walk.

Bank holidays and weekends are normal rate.

We follow the NARPS UK code of practice and are Members

What our Clients say….

We have three big dogs, one of which is very anxious. Finding the right person to look after them is difficult and we need to know we can trust them. 
We’ve worked with Claire now for over a year and she is fabulous with our dogs. When we heard she was putting together a team of dog carers, we were thrilled! Finally we have access to a service which will work for all our pups.

H is calm and makes sure he knows what our dogs need. He’s able to help our anxious pup calm quickly and we can see that he’s soaking up all the training he’s getting from Claire.

Having a dog carer from Pets Great and Small about the partnership between the dog carer and Claire. Having that added bonus of knowing that Claire is on call and supporting her carers is an added reassurance. The biggest problem is when they’re more excited to see H and Claire than when we come home!”