Loose Lead Walking

Loose lead walking is a difficult skill to master but one that pays dividends once you have mastered it. Your dog will be more focussed on you and will be a delight to walk anywhere.

Does your dog pull on the lead?

Every time you leave home to go for a walk you think about how lovely it will be to spend time with your dog and how good it will be to experience new places, fresh air and have fun. Right?

All too often the reality is that you can dread walking with your dog on lead if they pull. I have known people have their shoulders, pelvis or back hurt due to their dog constantly pulling and it makes for an unpleasant experience for the dog and their family.

Not only that but it can also be a danger on the roadside where safety is of paramount importance.

Therefore I have devised 3 courses to improve your lead walking skills. These courses will enable you to be trained in a safe environment and learn the skills you need to start enjoying your on lead walks with your dog again.

I will also introduce you to the concept of human led walks vs dog led walks.

Life Skills Loose Lead Walking

4 Week course for people who would like to improve their loose lead walking skills. Learn how to gain focus from your dog playing games and walking around a local park on a loose lead. Each week is Taylor made to focus on the issues you and your dog face when you are out and about.


Advanced Loose Lead Walking

You and your dog have become proficient with the basics of loose lead walking but you would like to hone your skills. This 4 week course will test your skills and improve them to the level that your dog should remain focussed no matter what the distraction is.


Road Walking mini course

A 2 week course to practice and learn road safety, walking on the roadside. This is open to anyone who would like to learn more about walking their dogs along the roadside.


Loose Lead Walking Bundle

Do you fancy doing all 3 courses and would like to save some pennies?

I am offering all the courses which amounts to 10 weeks of training for £500

What Claire has done with our 20 month Labrador Max is nothing short of a miracle. We had issues with him pulling on the lead, recall with other dogs around and jumping up at the door. In just a couple of months he’s impeccably behaved and a treat to walk. Every time Max goes on an adventure with Claire, we get videos of him having fun and playing in the field. On a personal note, my family suffered a very serious medical emergency where we needed to spend weeks with our son in hospital. Claire was beyond amazing, taking Max out every day and checking in on us. We genuinely don’t know what we would have done without her.

Jacob and Max

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