Meet the Hounds

All the training in the world can not replace the training we get daily from our hounds. They are all different, quirky and loving. The challenges they provide are what keeps us inspired to try harder, to understand and train better


The Empath

Bolt was born on 4th November 2012, he was hand reared as his mum disowned him and the other pups. He is nicknamed Bear as he loves a cuddle and is a very sensitive boy.

He is coloured Blue Merle and love the changing patterns as he gets older.

He is a Lurcher and is Greyhound x Border Collie x Pharoah Hound

Bolt is everyone’s friend and is the perfect dog for people who are nervous around dogs or suffer with autism or anxiety,


The Diva

We don’t know Maisie’s date of birth so she shares my daughter’s as we think that is the right sort of timeframe. She was born around March 2014. When Maisie arrived she was riddled with fleas and worms. She was terribly underweight.

Over the last 6 years Maisie has become a total diva. She can escape through the smallest hole in the fence which has been a challenge at times. Whatever Maisie throws at us we work it through on an ongoing basis.

Maisie is a sweetheart, loves a cuddle and adores running. She does not take treats whilst out and so has taught us a different way of training.

Maisie has a loving nature and is affectionate on her terms – she is a Saluki x Greyhound and displays a lot of Saluki behaviour traits.


Not Enough Dogs

Ned was born on 22nd April 2016. He is Greyhound x Border Collie x Bedlington Terrier.

Ned is a wonderful, sensitive boy. He is very trainable and has a high prey drive so has been muzzle trained. He absolutely loves a cuddle and thoroughly enjoys running especially with Maisie or Poppy.

He loves to work and we have to ensure that there is always some form of enrichment with him every day, he has a massive brain with a massive heart, He has shown reactive behaviour towards people but we have worked this through and will continue to work with him to ensure that this is reduced on an ongoing basis.


The Pocket Rocket

Poppy was born on 22nd May 2019. Her Mum was a Springer Spaniel and her Dad was a Lurcher.

She is an amazing dog – Her first year has been great fun, she brings a different set of behaviours to the other lurchers because of the amount of Spaniel she has in her.

She is learning all the time and our hope is that she continues to thrive.

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