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Hi, I’m Claire, Thanks for coming to my blog and also for looking at my website. This blog is where you get to experience the Highs and Lows of training puppies. Please feel free to contact me with any questions:

Puppy Socialisation!

Puppy socialisation is such a large topic and I see so many puppy owners who have a preconceived idea that puppy socialisation is all about allowing their beautiful pups play with other puppies and dogs. Unfortunately, unless play is supervised and managed correctly, it can lead to some pups becoming over zealous in their playContinue reading “Puppy Socialisation!”


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  1. Hi Claire , trust you well and keeping safe. Thank you for sharing experiences and adventures. I will most definitely be looking forward to reading and commenting. I have 6 fur babies. They are all rescued / abandoned … I brought them home, to love them and keep them safe. So didn’t get any training as such…but they are obedient babies at times.

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