Planning to bring your puppy home?

Are you planning on bringing your puppy home soon?

Have you already brought your puppy home?

Have you needed advice but get 20 different answers and are confused about what to do for the best?

Bringing home puppy should be a celebration and all too quickly families feel out of their depth with this bundle of joy who wants to bite, chew everything and forgets their toilet training in minutes.

Well I can help with the First 7 Days package. This package is made for you to help with all the areas you need to consider in order to have a smoother ride when you bring your puppy home. It is perfect for First time puppy owners and/or families that have children.

The First 7 Days comprises of 1 x visit to your home for 1.5 hours prior to your puppy coming home and 1 x visit in the first 7 days of your puppy arriving to ensure that you are fully ready and feeling confident

We discuss any questions that you have and also look at the following areas: Nutrition, Sleeping, Equipment, Socialisation, Toileting and early training. I also leave you with literature as a reminder of everything we have discussed.

The cost of the First 7 days package is £200. To book please click here:

We are first-time dog owners and wanted to make sure we were giving our pup the best start to life with us. The First 7 Days service was perfect for helping us to achieve this.

Claire met with us prior to us collecting our pup and briefed us on everything we needed to know; she was highly knowledgable and adapted her advice to fit in with our lifestyle and wishes.

It was a huge relief to have Claire on the end of the phone for those first few days and she kindly reassured us on a number of concerns we had.

Thanks to Claire we quickly settled into a routine with our pup and now, two months on, have a very happy, healthy and well-behaved boy who is bringing us so much joy – thanks a million Claire, we couldn’t have done it without you!’

Beth, Adam and Ronnie