Puppy Training

This is a puppy course with a difference. Not all puppy training is the same. We use kind and effective methods that are suitable for your puppy. .

The course is 121 as it allows for the puppy to get the best possible start in life and also allows the family to learn comfortably at their own pace without having to keep up with other members of a group class.

The Puppy training course is a 6 week progressive course covering all fundamental training for your puppy including:

  • Sit
    • Your dog’s default behaviour. It can resolve lots of behaviour issues and will also be a fundamental life skill throughout the lifetime of your dog
  • Settle
    • If you are looking to take your dog out with you, the ability to settle in cafes, pubs or round friends and family’s houses will be a necessity
  • Jumping up
    • When your dog meets adults, children, cyclists, runners and other dogs, they should do so calmly and without jumping up. Calm, polite greetings are a great life skill to demonstrate on a daily basis
  • Stand
    • To ask your dog to stand will be useful for veterinary or groomer handling. It will also be useful for your day to day handling of your dog
  • Middle
    • If your dog is worried on a walk or you are being approached by something they have not seen before, standing between your legs will provide protection and reassurance to your dog. It is also a fun trick sometimes called peek a boo
  • Loose Lead Walking
    • Wherever you go and whatever you do with your dog the likelihood is they will be walking on lead, therefore a good focus and a dog who doesn’t pull on lead is a fundamental life skill
  • Recall
    • When you let your dog of lead they should wait until you tell them to go and play, also if there are distractions such as other dogs, children, cyclists and adults you should be able to call them back to you.
    • Another key reason for teaching recall is that most people buy a dog to have fun with them so teaching the dog you are a great place to be is a fundamental life skill
  • Touch
    • A hand touch is the basis of all nose targeting skills. It can be used to enhance recall, at the vet, groomer or giving medication such as ear and eye drops.
    • It is also used in dog sports such as agility and scent work as a basic skill
  • Nutrition
    • In order for your dog to grow up healthy they need to be receiving the correct nutrition.
    • Not only that but you will learn how to lower disease indicators and prevent cancer by up to 90%.
    • We will also talk about reward hierarchies and how feeding can assist with unwanted behaviours
  • Handling
    • Your dog will need to be handled throughout its life by you, your family, vets, groomers and other professionals.
    • You require your dog to be comfortable and happy to have their nails clipped, to have their ears, eyes, mouth inspected and also to be touched anywhere on their body without sensitivity
  • Puppy biting
    • All dogs will bite if provoked enough and puppies do play bite.
    • Learn how to manage biting and ensure that it is kept to a minimum.
    • Biting is also a symptom of teething so we will learn how to manage that phase and what you can do to help your pup through it
  • Play
    • Comes in many forms whether it be human led or dog led.
    • Your dog should learn to play nicely so that they can increase their bond with you through play
    • Also how to interact with other dogs they meet in the park or out on walks
  • Toilet training
    • If you are struggling with toilet training we will talk about how to handle this
    • Teach your dog to go to the toilet in one specific place in your garden
  • Spin
    • This is a fun trick to learn, we teach it over a 4 week period. The reason we teach spin is so that the handler can learn the process for teaching a dog new behaviours. The fact you get a great trick out of it is just a consequence really
  • Sound Desensitisation
    • Dogs can be scared of fireworks, traffic noises, drills, hairdryers and numerous other noises that are common place in today’s world. We will discuss how you can prevent your dog from having issues later in life by desensitising them to sounds early on

Training is conducted in a local park where the puppy will have distractions that they will learn with.

The course is fun, informative and kind, yet effective. There is homework every week but this designed to take place for around 15 minutes daily and can be done as part of your dogs daily exercise routine.

We cater for all dogs no matter breeding or confidence level and ensure that nervous dogs or owners are given time to build their confidence so that they flourish in the course and onwards.

The course costs £300 which is payable on booking. During the course you also have free telephone and email consultations as and when required. You will also receive your own playlist on Youtube with recordings from each session so that you can see your progress and cover each exercise that you have learned.

Claire is amazing! So patient and really helpful. She is realistic and provides techniques that work for you and your pup! Ziggy loved her sessions and we learnt so much! Thank you

Lauren and Ziggy

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