Improve your Recall

Does your dog come back to you no matter what the distraction is?

If your answer is no the Recall rehab course will help.

Most people struggle with recall with their dogs at some point within their lifetime. It may be that they run after other dogs, or become fascinated by runners and cyclists. It could be that your dog loves to flush out wildlife or spends all their time in and out of the hedgerows.

Whatever the distraction I can improve your recall within 4 weeks by teaching you games to play with your dog to improve their focus on you and improve the bond you have. Clients who had no recall whatsoever are now walking their dogs regularly off lead or on a long line and are seeing improvements all the time.

This course is 1 hour per week for 4 weeks. The training is 121 which is important and takes place in a public park with limited distractions.

Upon joining the course you will be invited to join an exclusive Facebook group to monitor your progress and answer all your questions.

You will also be given some prerequisite work to do at home before the course commences.

Week 1 – I assess your recall and look at how to manage distractions with your dog. You then spend the week training for each situation.

Week 2 – I train you to handle emergency situations. This will help regain focus from your dog even when the worst happens

Week 3 – We will start adding a Distance recall to your repertoire with the prospect of moving on to an out of sight recall this week too

Week 4 – We prove all of your hard work in a distracting environment. Then I set your training program for the future – Where you go from here….

the best dog trainer there is! Claire is friendly, approachable and so helpful with training our puppy. nothing is too much for her, and always has great advice whenever I need it. my pup has been transformed since the sessions started, and Claire has given her the time and space to build up her confidence. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐! thank you so much. would recommend her to anyone.

Jess Butler and Bibi

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