Socialisation through Snuffle Walking


Does your dog get excited, worried, distracted by other dogs?

Socialisation through snuffle walking is a great way to train your dog to be calm on walks. It focuses on natural behaviours through olfaction that your dog will be happy to demonstrate and allows you the ability to work with your dog and build your bond.

Good socialisation should be about your dog being able to focus on you and what they are being asked to do when distractions such as dogs and people are present.

Meeting other dogs on walks should be a pleasurable experience but not an overwhelming one and through snuffle walking, dogs will often be happy to work together and then form a social bond.

Snuffle walks are dog led walks as opposed to human led walks. A human led walk is you focusing on getting from A – B and your dog should focus on you and not be sniffing everything. Dog led walks are about your dog absorbing the environment and satiating their need to sniff and pick up all of their “p-mail”

We meet every Sunday in Spencers Wood/Shinfield area. Timings are:

  • 11 am – The social Puppy up to 6 months – 45 minutes max – £10
  • 12 Noon – The social Teenager 6 – 18 months – 1 hour – £15
  • 13:30 – The social Adult – 18 months + – 1.5 hours – £20

Equipment Required- 
Please bring water. It is thirsty work snuffling and so your dog will need a drink. 

You should have a harness on and a long line. I have a couple of long lines should you need to borrow one or an extra long lead will work. Please no extendable/retractable leads for this. 

Bring some treats, a range from low to high value depending on your dogs preferences. 

Also bring a favourite toy or item that you can hide and then get them to find. 

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